An Open Letter to President Obama About Quitting Smoking

Dear President Obama,

I saw you on “Real Time With Bill Maher” in October and heard you say, “I’m chewing the heck out of Nicorette Gum.”

As San Francisco’s most experienced Certified Hypnotherapist, I have a few words of advice for you: quit smoking –– and quit chewing Nicorette Gum… they are both filled with nicotine…and totally damaging to your health….

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Are You Suffering From Voter Anxiety Disorder?

Wow!… There are many of us who are anxious, stressed, and just downright dumbfounded and fed up with all of the negativity that’s going on with our election process this Fall of 2016. Some of us feel that we are powerless and have no control…hence, enormous frustration and often- fearful… I am identifying this as a new disorder: VAD…

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To Sleep… Perchance to Dream

Many people in our modern, technologically infused world are seeming to have more and more difficulty falling asleep and then getting quality sleep.

The ones with sleep problems in San Francisco that are best helped by hypnotherapy are the ones who have difficulty shutting off thoughts of all kinds… even positive ones… let alone the negative worries and concerns…

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“Let It Go”

In 2014 the animated masterpiece, “Frozen”, was released by the Walt Disney Studios and became a worldwide phenomenon. It’s main song “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel became the movie’s all-empowering ballad for girls –– and women –– all around the world. I often tell my clients to “Let It Go” because it’s simply the best way for…

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Changing Your Thoughts and Behaviors Help You Have A Better Relationship With Those Close To You

Several times lately, I have heard a client tell me that their husband/partner/family member has told them that as they, the client, begins making positive changes in attitude and behavior… it is making the life of the partner more smooth and pleasant. Several times, I have heard… “my partner has told me that whatever work you are doing with…

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Unblocking Artistic Creativity with EFT and Hypnotherapy

We have read numerous tales of “writer’s block” that many famous writers have suffered from… we have heard of “starving artists” who suffer because their creative muse seems to be on vacation. Then we read that an artistic composer as renowned as Sergei Rachmaninoff was helped by a hypnotherapist when he was having his own troubles with creativity and…

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