Regression Therapy

peaceful scene with japanese bridge and wisteriaRegression Therapy, also known as early life regression or past life regression therapy, is a way to re-experience your memories. Everything you have ever experienced, learned, seen, or read about is recorded in your subconscious mind. Just like a computer, your subconscious can bring back all that knowledge, if you wish to do so.

Kay Heatherly can assist you, ensuring a safe journey in healing the past and bringing healing into present time.

Using Hypnotherapy and Past Life Experiences.

You can use hypnotherapy and past life regression to bring back memories of your childhood, or memories of some other life you may have led. To regress, it is not necessary to believe in reincarnation, although many do. Perhaps you are just looking for answers or reasons to help explain situations in your life now.

In a past life regression therapy experience, you are brought to a state of comfortable relaxation and are totally aware of everything that is being said. You are always in control and you can stop the regression therapy session at any time if you so choose. Also, at no time are you under anyone’s control but your own.

During a past life regression, if you come to a past situation that feels disturbing, you can choose to go through that emotion, or view it as if watching a video, completely without distress.

Hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy can often make you aware of why you act as you do, why you have feelings and emotions that you do, why certain people are now in your life, or why the same things seem to keep repeating in your life.

Finally, the regression therapy experience seems to improve with each session as you become more at more comfortable with the process.