The Stoppage Method

This is an element of Cognitive Behavior Therapy –– used to change cognition, or thinking. It was developed by Howard Liebgold, M.D., and I learned it directly from him.

I have found that it works remarkably well in changing negative thoughts; my clients have found that it truly works when one is diligent and vigilant in monitoring their negative thinking.

Begin to recognize your negative thoughts and catch them… each and every time you notice the negative thought:

  1. Say “Stop it!” (either aloud or under your breath).
  2. Breathe in and out deeply – this signifies the shift in the brain from the Limbic (old, emotional) to the Cortical (new, rational, the site of knowledge of Free Will).
  3. Choose from a place of Free Will and say “I am not going there!” and insert a positive statement such as “I can handle this”, etc…. choosing something appropriate to your situation.
  4. Do something Physical… as in tapping your knee, snapping your fingers, stamping your foot, etc…. This ‘anchors’ the intent into your physical body and into the present moment.