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Satisfied Clients Speak for Themselves:

I would highly recommend Kay to anyone!
5-Star Rating: Highly Recommended

“Kay is amazingly talented in quickly identifying issues and making a useful treatment plan in the form of an audio file. I was able to listen to the file as frequently as I liked which aided in my healing. I still review the files even though our sessions have ended. I would highly recommend Kay to anyone!”
– C.M., Tulsa, OK – Results may vary from person to person

I have absolutely no anxiety about flying.
“Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I am on a plane, and for the first time I can remember, I have absolutely no anxiety. I cannot thank you enough.”
– No More Fear of Flying – Results may vary from person to person

I started having anxiety attacks every day.
“I decided to start sessions with Kay over FaceTime, because my anxiety had gotten so bad, I had started having attacks every day, and I wasn’t living anymore. After 3 sessions I’m so happy to say I’m doing amazingly better, it’s been over a week since my last episode and that one had been mild. I’m so grateful for her help and would recommend her for anyone going through anxiety. Thank you so much Kay for everything.” – C.T., East Bay – Results may vary from person to person

I would recommend a shorter visual session  to anyone.
5-Star Rating: Highly Recommended

“I did a shorter virtual session with Kay this past month during the shelter in place orders. It was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little reset right now.” – Alexis P., San Francisco – Results may vary from person to person

Kay gave me the tools I needed to quit smoking.
5-Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Five plus stars and beyond! Kay gave me the tools I needed to quit smoking cigarettes. It has been 5 months since our last session and I can’t thank and recommend her enough. Our sessions involved positive growth in many other areas which I believe all go hand in hand. Kay is an expert in her field. She is warm, trustworthy and precise. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and hope to schedule another session in the future. Thank you so much Kay!” – S.W., San Francisco – Results may vary from person to person

Kay helped me on FaceTime to deal with many Covid symptoms.
5-Star Rating: Highly Recommended

“I started going to see Kay around April 2019 for stomach pain and associated back pain (that would not go away after trying everything with my doctor) after reading how hypnosis can help with pain management. I liked Kay right off the bat. She’s gives off a very calm and friendly vibe and is wonderful to talk too. I enjoyed our sessions a lot. Talking through my issues was nice and getting her take was helpful. The sessions were very relaxing as well. What I regret was not taking the audios seriously. I should have listened to them every day to get the benefit but I neglected that. I think that was why I didn’t really think hypnosis was fully for me. It helped but not as much as I hoped.

“Forward to April 2020. I got infected with Covid in March and was dealing with many symptoms that would not go away. One of them was horrible acid reflux. I’ve had acid reflux in the past but this was 20x worse! Diet and medicine weren’t helping and Kay texted me to check in with how I was doing (perfect timing!). I figured why not try hypnosis again and see.

“We had our session via FaceTime. I really liked doing it via FaceTime bc I could do it from the comfort of my couch or bed. No looking for parking or driving to SF. I stopped the medicine but continued to eat GERD friendly and listened to the audio we made 3x a day. My acid reflux went away! I just had to be diligent.

“I then developed another Covid symptom a week or so later which was horrible headaches and nerve pain. I had another session with Kay and my symptoms improved. A couple of weeks later I stated having chest pains and heart palpitations, which is think was because I was too plugged into social media surrounding Covid. My anxiety went through the roof. I could not stop being anxious. It was really really bad. My heart was racing so much all day.

“I had a session yesterday and I’m already feeling less anxious. My heart rate is going back to normal and I’m so grateful to Kay. I was considering taking anxiety meds and but I’m glad I tried Kay first. I think it’s a combination of talking it through with Kay and doing the therapy that really helped. She really is amazing at what she does and I recommend her to anyone dealing with either physical or mental issues. – D.A., Oakland – Results may vary from person to person