FAQs about Hypnotherapy

Why do I need to agree to a minimum of three hypnotherapy sessions?

Kay prefers that new clients agree to a minimum of three (3) sessions, regardless of your particular issues, because hypnotherapy is a process to be worked through. It may take at least 21 days to break a habit and that’s usually the length of time it takes for three sessions, spaced one week apart. At the end of three sessions, you will evaluate your situation and decide if you feel complete or if you wish to continue with more hypnotherapy sessions.

Do I need to pay in advance for three or more sessions?

Yes. Kay requests that you pay in advance for each group of three sessions.

Does Kay have a sliding scale fee structure?

Yes, Kay offers a sliding scale for students, teachers or anyone who is temporarily unemployed, or who has special financial difficulties.

What forms of payment does Kay accept?

Kay accepts Zelle, PayPal, credit and debit cards (which includes online fees).

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered, concentrated state of awareness and deep relaxation. Hypnosis helps to slow down the self-critical part of your mind. In fact, being hypnotized is very relaxing.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotized, if they so desire, to help with breaking habits, with weight loss hypnosis, or hypnotherapy for relationship issues.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnotherapy is totally safe and releases the natural, self-healing forces deep within you.

Is hypnosis with the conscious or subconscious mind?

Some people mistakenly assume that the hypnotic state is an unconscious one, similar to being asleep or under anesthesia. This is not true. We are always conscious in hypnosis, but the subconscious mind can be reached so that positive suggestions are given to bring about changes that you want to make.

Is it true that may of us are hypnotized several times a day?

Yes, when we watch TV, read, or daydream, our attention is being engaged and our consciousness is in the story, not the physical place where we are sitting. This results in a shift in our state of consciousness, similar to the one we reach in hypnotherapy sessions.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Many clients tell Kay that hypnosis feels like a daydream. You can hear her speaking to you and you can answer her questions. But you’re in an extremely relaxed state of mind, often accompanied by a guided visualization.

Can hypnosis provide an “instant” success?

Yes and no. Sometimes, Kay’s preference of having three initial sessions may be able to provide a change in an ingrained habit, such as being able to have success with weight loss hypnosis, using hypnotherapy for relationship issues, to quit smoking, stop addictions, relieve the fear of flying, or ease test anxiety, but your subconscious mind does not always give in without a struggle. You may have been trying to fix or overcome this problem for weeks, months, and sometimes years, so it can take several sessions to provide success.

Will I receive a personalized audio recording to help achieve my goals?

Yes, Kay speaks to each client to determine how to achieve your goals. She then creates a personalized audio mp3 recording that you can listen to at home on any of your devices, between sessions, and on into the future.

How is Kay’s Ph.D. in Comparative Literature a benefit for her clients?

Kay’s formal education in the Liberal Arts and Comparative Literature in particular has given her a broader understanding of human nature. Plus, Kay’s life experience, as well as her hypnotherapist expertise for 36 years greatly help her understand  how to best work with each client to start solving any issues.