How Does It Work?

relaxing scene of person meditating near a lakeThe altered state of awareness that we call “hypnosis” is safe. For anyone searching for hypnotherapy, Kay is a trusted professional who guides you into a state of deep relaxation to slow down the self-critical part of your mind and relax your body. Though based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she works with her clients virtually anywhere in the world via teletherapy on Zoom and FaceTime.

Almost anyone can be hypnotized, if they so desire. In Kay’s experience for hypnotherapy-assisted weight loss or to help you overcome other possible problems, she’s found that some people mistakenly assume that the hypnotic state is an unconscious one, similar to being asleep or under anesthesia. This is not true. We are always conscious in hypnosis and aware of our surroundings.In fact, through hypnotherapy, most people can go into an altered state. It’s like a state of focused awareness, like losing yourself in a good book or listening to a favorite piece of music. 

Kay uses a careful, systematic approach with her clients who are seeking Bay Area hypnosis, which releases the natural, self-healing forces deep within you. Her hypnotherapy method can be more direct and powerful than other traditional treatments. She works with the theory of Neuroplasticity –– knowing that the brain can change! Old negative pathways can be reduced or eliminated and new positive pathways can be created. Addictive, unproductive, or destructive patterns of behavior can be changed, as can long-standing issues such as anxieties and fears are reduced or eliminated for some of Kay’s clients.

By the way, Dr Carol Ginandes, a Harvard researcher notes that she did not put  patients to sleep by swinging a watch like a pendulum while the patients lie on a couch. “That only happens in the movies,” she laughs. “In hypnosis, people don’t lose control and go into a zombie-like state where they can be made to do things against their will…”

You don’t have to lie down, you can enter a state of hypnosis standing up, even standing on your head. Patients don’t even go to sleep, rather, they enter a state of absorbed awareness. It is simply slowing down the conscious mind and calming the physical body to engage the subconscious mind and make important changes.