Changing Your Thoughts and Behaviors Help You Have A Better Relationship With Those Close To You

Several times lately, I have heard a client tell me that their husband/partner/family member has told them that as they, the client, begins making positive changes in attitude and behavior… it is making the life of the partner more smooth and pleasant. Several times, I have heard… “my partner has told me that whatever work you are doing with Kay… keep it up!”

Clients are realizing that “old buttons” are no longer pushed… old responses become neutralized… they become more compassionate with themselves and with others… that they can begin to actually forgive old grievances. These sorts of responses are incredibly helpful in ameliorating relationships.

Clients learn the new habit of not holding onto old grievances through the Letting Go of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT- tapping)… additionally, many utilize the cognitive behavior technique of the Stoppage Method to the same end. Old negative thoughts and behaviors drift away easily. New positive patterns are put in their place equally easily by visualizing how they want to interact… with Guided Visualization in a relaxed altered state of hypnotherapy.

What we are finding is that as one person/client changes for the better…so do her/his relationships, as an added bonus!