How Hypnotherapy & EFT Help During The Holidays

It seems that many of us have mixed feelings about the holidays… and it’s all very personal.

Some may feel guilty that they harbor these feelings, because we are “supposed” to be joyful at this time of year, aren’t we?!

But for many of us, there is resistance to getting together with family for various reasons:

  • Dad always ruins it for us by yelling
  • Cousin Betty always flirts with my partner
  • I always have trouble dealing with the abusive Uncle Clyde
  • My sister always upstages me
  • My aunt stumbles around when she has too much to drink and makes me nervous
  • Grandmother seems to always prefer my brother’s children over mine
  • Mother is always critical of how I dress for holidays

These are concerns that I have heard in numerous forms over the years from my clients. We have worked on these issues by letting go of the worries, dread, and the judgements… and any other negative feelings or attitudes with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) combined with the Stoppage Method.

Then, remembering that if we are holding on to negativity from the past and are dreading & worrying about what might happen in the future…w e are not free to truly enjoy the present… so we then imagine (in a guided visualization) a positive scenario that we’d like to have at holiday gatherings… that very intention and creation of positive energy then will draw to us a more positive experience… for ourselves and the others with whom we interact.

…And in so doing, we are able to change the past and change the future as well… a win-win.