Unblocking Artistic Creativity with EFT and Hypnotherapy

We have read numerous tales of “writer’s block” that many famous writers have suffered from… we have heard of “starving artists” who suffer because their creative muse seems to be on vacation. Then we read that an artistic composer as renowned as Sergei Rachmaninoff was helped by a hypnotherapist when he was having his own troubles with creativity and self worth.

Well, in this day and time, I meet with all sorts of painters, illustrators, musicians, composers, writers, and performers who are suffering from a form of blockage to their  creativity and most are, then, suffering from self doubt and low self esteem as a result.

What these artistic folks need to do is to eliminate the old negative messages that their work is rubbish, or that they have no talent, or that their work is not as good as someone else’s… then move on to trust that they can produce their own artistic expression, one step at a time… and to trust that their expression is unique in the world and that they can trust that it’s unique and ‘good enough’… and just simply get down to work and produce… to enjoy allowing their own brand of creativity to flow happily through them.

And it is encouraging to know that this process of changing the thinking in the brain is a reasonably rapid and easy process! It’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique.