Hypnotherapy and EFT Help You Pass The Bar Exam –– Get Out Of Your Own Way!

If you are taking the Bar Exam for the first time, or are repeating it, realize that just studying hard is not the only solution… what?!

…Yes, get out of your own way…

Eliminate anything that keeps you from being your best self and reaching your goals!

Anxiety. Fear. Worry. Stress. Panic…. All are forms of self-sabotage that can be detrimental to your studying and test taking… any one of them can serve to constrict blood flow to the brain and all that info you studied can be blocked from flowing… making it difficult to  properly and easily remember what is actually already there in your brain!

…and how can you work with those self-sabotaging demons?

You can understand about Neuroplasticity… that the brain is actually changeable, not set and static… and that old neural pathways of fear and negative beliefs can be minimized or deleted… your brain can reorganize itself and then create new positive and healthy neural pathways.

In work that I have done with test-taking clients over my 25 years in practice, I help them Let Go of old detrimental thoughts and beliefs with EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, one of the Energy Therapies. This helps you identify what is in your way and needs to be released…and release them.

Then we do some deep relaxation with Guided Visualization… and Positive Programming with positive thoughts and images of how you want to succeed and focus on what you want.

You will have a personalized mp3 audio file after each session to listen to and continue to let go and release…and relax as you study…and at the same time keep your focus on success with passing the Bar

You end up moving past anxiety… into success.

This article first appeared on Bar Exam Toolbox.