An Open Letter to President Obama About Quitting Smoking

23059147 - president barack obama speaking against a backdrop of a sunsetDear President Obama,

I saw you on “Real Time With Bill Maher” in October and heard you say, “I’m chewing the heck out of Nicorette Gum.”

As San Francisco’s most experienced Certified Hypnotherapist, I have a few words of advice for you: quit smoking –– and quit chewing Nicorette Gum… they are both filled with nicotine…and totally damaging to your health.

As you know, smoking is an addiction, a habit… and all habits can be changed. But you may know that it usually takes at least 21 days to break a habit. For you, with all the pressure you’ve been under over the past eight years, this may take a bit longer! I work with the theory of Neuroplasticity…meaning that the brain and its habits can indeed change!

The good news is that for over two decades, I’ve been using the Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy/guided visualization sessions to help my clients break habits of all kinds, including stopping smoking to losing weight to cravings for drugs or alcohol… and many more.

Clients can often become successful non-smokers in as few as three sessions. Since you live in Washington, DC and I live in San Francisco, CA, we can do these sessions over Skype or via phone counseling.

Using long-distance hypnotherapy sessions, I’ve helped clients in Israel and Germany abroad… Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara in California, as well as Texas, Virginia and Massachusetts to date, so why not allow me to help you break a long-time habit?

We can easily schedule an appointment –– I imagine that your schedule will open up quite a bit after January 21, 2017!


Kay Heatherly, CHT

Devoted Democrat and San Francisco Hypnotherapist

T: 415-244-7620

E: kay <at> kayheatherly <dot> com

Facebook: Kay Heatherly Hypnotherapy

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