After suffering through Voter Anxiety Disorder (VAD) and Concerned Citizen Anxiety Disorder (CCAD)… now we find ourselves literally bombarded with worrisome and dangerous changes every single day.

Whatever do we, as individuals, do or how can we cope in this atmosphere full of change and upsets?

Is there anywhere we can go to find peace and comfort and stability?

Well… there actually is a place deep within all of us… our deepest core… where there is calm and serenity.

We can travel to this place at any time and wherever we are to seek solace from an unstable outer world.

And from this place, we can creatively imagine the world we would like to inhabit and hope that those people in charge of making important decisions will be making wise and compassionate decisions that positively affect us all.

Visit that calm place often… and whenever you need a change from a chaotic world.