Letting Go of Bad Relationships

You probably expect advice on Valentine’s Day on how to improve your love life.

You most likely want to hear how to fix what’s broken or how to turn back the clock to happier times when life was blissful and everything about your partner was perfect.

That was then… this is now.
Honestly, when a relationship turns toxic––whatever the reason may be or whoever’s fault it is––it’s really time to “let it go” and focus on what you want.

Nearly every week for the past 30 years, I’ve dealt with clients in my San Francisco Hypnotherapy practice who have had a great relationship turn bad.

Time after time, clients tell me that everything about the other person in their life just seemed to change.

Sometimes, the end of a loving relationship can be because of little things like how much they talk about a certain issue or how they fail to keep the kitchen clean or  they’re a slob in the bathroom.

Other times, it’s a much larger issue that can’t be easily changed, such as their drinking problem, their drug use, their overeating, their failure to quit smoking, their money issues, or their frequent credit card use.

But lately, more often than not, a partner’s obsession with video games, social media or their smartphone becomes the final straw and leads to a break-up.

You generally can’t fix that person.
You have a choice… You can change your response to the behavior or you can end the relationship and move on. You must start focusing on what you want from your life.

For three decades now, I’ve helped clients with this sort of transition. It can be difficult at first to be alone after months or years with a certain partner. But when you have a toxic relationship, it’s better to be alone to give yourself time to get a fresh start.

A variety of hypnotherapy techniques.
I use Neuroplasticity to rewire your brain, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with guided visualization to reduce anxiety in your life, and The Stoppage Method to help your let go of old, toxic relationships––and move on with your life to have a more positive tomorrow.

All of these techniques help in making the changes you wish to have in your life.

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