Letting Go of Bad Relationships

You probably expect advice on Valentine’s Day on how to improve your love life. You most likely want to hear how to fix what’s broken.

That was then… this is now. Honestly, when a relationship turns toxic, it’s really time to “let it go” and focus on what you want.

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“Let It Go”

In 2014 the animated masterpiece, “Frozen”, was released by the Walt Disney Studios and became a worldwide phenomenon. It’s main song “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel became the movie’s all-empowering ballad for girls –– and women –– all around the world. I often tell my clients to “Let It Go” because it’s simply the best way for…

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How Hypnotherapy Eases Pain

Reading the recent article in the SF Chronicle has helped me refocus my thoughts on the ways I have worked with clients over the last couple of decades in dealing with different types of pain.

It is well known and accepted that relaxing the muscles in the body takes pressure off different pain sites and allows the body to soften…

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