The Sum of All Fears

October is Halloween month, a time when we flashback to memories of being scared as kids when we were trick or treating around our neighborhoods.

It’s also a time of the year when we’re reminded of some of our worst fears.

Whether you’re afraid of flying… you don’t feel comfortable driving on bridges or freeways… you have anxiety or panic attacks… you fear public speaking… you want to avoid taking a high-level test such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT or Bar Exam, or you have just have some worries about your sports performance, October can represent itself as the sum of all your fears.

So What Can You Do About Your Particular Fear?
You have two choices: you can continue living your life in fear or you can get help.

Help can be as simple as contacting a Certified Hypnotherapist like Kay Heatherly who is the most experienced hypnotherapist in San Francisco. She works with the theory of Neuroplasticity… knowing that the brain changes, can let go of long-held fearful beliefs and can create new positive workable beliefs.

Help can be as simple as scheduling three appointments with Kay, who has:

  • Helped a wide variety of clients to fly long distances without having a panic attack
  • Supported drivers to realize there’s nothing to fear about crossing that bridge
  • Encouraged clients to allow panic attacks disappear
  • Enabled people to overcome their fear of speaking to address thousands of people
  • Given people the confidence to not just take the Bar Exam, but to become attorneys and even go on to be the Dean of a Law School
  • Shown professional athletes and weekend athletes how to excel, instead of fail, in their favorite sports.

Of course, results may vary from person to person.

Kay Heatherly Can Help You, Too
If you’re stuck and are living in fear, contact Kay to help you “get over it” and put your fears to rest with a San Francisco hypnotherapy session. Just contact her online or call 415-244-7620.