Healing a Broken Heart with Hypnotherapy

I have been meeting with many clients recently who are broken-hearted… who have relationships that have ended, some of them ended quite badly, and all are having a most difficult time in getting over it and moving on in their lives.

There’s the old adage of “time heals all wounds”… but what to do in the meantime when you are hurting and crying and feeling down and sad? A break-up is truly a loss and is felt deeply as such. Often self esteem has been damaged and Guided Visualization and positive programming are helpful in getting past these situations.

As we begin to discuss the issue, often the client realizes that he/she is better off without the person…but simply cannot stop thinking about them or obsessing on them or idealizing the relationship.

Then the client begins to learn how to let go of the obsessive thinking with the Emotional Freedom Technique and learns to be dedicated to using the Stoppage Method to help to begin to think of other things… and very soon the Broken Heart is mending and the client is beginning to lead a normal life again and often open to a new, more appropriate relationship, as well.