Helping Kids with Hypnotherapy

I was contemplating how my younger clients have been helped by hypnotherapy and EFT… even though I need to use slightly different wording and creative visualizations than I do with adults… success is achieved with the younger set, nevertheless.

  • I have worked with a 3rd grader who had been bullied repeatedly at her school and camp. I had her visualize being strong like a cheetah and as neutral as an elephant (those animals were her choice for those characteristics). She began to realize that she could be confident and easily turn away from the bullies and ignore them, not engage them… and they eventually seemed to leave her alone.
  • Another 10-year-old was brought in by her mother… and they’d drive up on a Sunday from Palo Alto. This little one had the nervous habit of pulling out her hair. After quite a few sessions, she was able to change this habit and is currently keeping a smooth bracelet on her arm that she ‘fiddles with’ when she has an urge to pull her hair.
  • A 10th grade boy was sent to me by his psychiatrist for his procrastination in getting his school work in on time, thus lowering his grades needlessly. He was able to imagine himself being ‘on the ball’ and being a ‘go-getter’ and started performing brilliantly in school and his grades greatly improved… and now he’s headed off to the college of his choice.

If you have a child that may be helped by hypnotherapy, please contact me today at (415) 922-1664.