Quitting Tobacco Chewing with Hypnotherapy & EFT

I was just thinking about guys and chewing tobacco because a new client, recently referred by his doctor, called to ask if I could help him stop chewing tobacco… thinking about the article in the San Francisco Chronicle last August about SF Giants’ Manager Bruce Bochy’s quitting that habit…

(Pictured here is ex-Boston Red Sox Manager Terry Francona, a very visible user of chewing tobacco.)

The guys I have worked with all have eventually left that habit behind, but a few of them have asked to return weeks, months, even years later to  have a ‘tune-up’… and the reason is that some new stress has entered their lives… a new career, new relationship, a new baby… something that has provided enough stress to re-ignite that old habit.

So, it is important to realize that we are only human and can inadvertently fall back into old negative patterns, if we are not consciously vigilant… and often, we cannot be.

The letting go of old habits is a process… and often it takes time… but that’s OK. There is always help available right here.