The Sum of All Fears

October is Halloween month, a time when we flashback to memories of being scared as kids when we were trick or treating around our neighborhoods.

It’s also a time of the year when we’re reminded of some of our worst fears.

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Fear of Flying? Fear No More!

Many of Kay’s clients over the last 29 years have suffered from a fear of flying, also known as “aerophobia”.

Fortunately, Kay has helped them overcome this fear and others, typically over the course of three sessions in her San Francisco office on Union Street.

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After suffering through Voter Anxiety Disorder (VAD) and Concerned Citizen Anxiety Disorder (CCAD)… now we find ourselves literally bombarded with worrisome and dangerous changes every single day.

Whatever do we, as individuals, do or how can we cope in this atmosphere full of change and upsets?

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An Open Letter to President Obama About Quitting Smoking

Dear President Obama,

I saw you on “Real Time With Bill Maher” in October and heard you say, “I’m chewing the heck out of Nicorette Gum.”

As San Francisco’s most experienced Certified Hypnotherapist, I have a few words of advice for you: quit smoking –– and quit chewing Nicorette Gum… they are both filled with nicotine…and totally damaging to your health….

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Are You Suffering From Voter Anxiety Disorder?

Wow!… There are many of us who are anxious, stressed, and just downright dumbfounded and fed up with all of the negativity that’s going on with our election process this Fall of 2016. Some of us feel that we are powerless and have no control…hence, enormous frustration and often- fearful… I am identifying this as a new disorder: VAD…

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To Sleep… Perchance to Dream

Many people in our modern, technologically infused world are seeming to have more and more difficulty falling asleep and then getting quality sleep.

The ones with sleep problems in San Francisco that are best helped by hypnotherapy are the ones who have difficulty shutting off thoughts of all kinds… even positive ones… let alone the negative worries and concerns…

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